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How will I promote my web site?

A website is useless unless it is properly promoted and is receiving targeted traffic through search engine optimization. Initially, a business may start promoting its web site using traditional methods like direct mail, business cards, etc. Some send out a bulk email to a client list letting them know about the web site and what its benefits are to the client. Getting your web site highly ranked nationwide or worldwide is a more complex and expensive process. After all, you’re competing with every similar web site in the world! A less challenging goal is to get first page search results locally or regionally. Team Creations Inc., a web design professional can help you come up with a comprehensive online marketing plan.

We care for our customers by delivering professional services. From the very start of a project we care about you and your business, guide you through all the stages of development, are in reach for any questions and maintain your site. And in case you are not certain what you need or want – our creativity will work out a satisfactory solution for your business, too. A good site is more than to pull up just some text and images. All our pages are carefully checked and adapted for different resolutions and main browser types, such as Netscape, Firefox, AOL and Internet Explorer.

Why don't I get return visitors?

Another tremendous fault is to offer old data and information on your pages. The Internet is the fastest medium to spread your word, to send out information, to keep customers up to date. Your customer expects to find news about your business on the Internet, either simultaneously with traditional media or even earlier. Time is money – and speed is a step ahead of competition. There’s nothing more frustrating for your customers than offering old information, non showing pages and other annoying obstacles.

Do you really have the time to care about your pages?

Shouldn’t you rather care about your business and your customers? Caring about your Internet pages is our business. We have the knowledge and experience.

Let us handle those details required to promote your site. There’s a lot more to do than editing some meta tags and entering your url to a search engine. We know the “legal” tricks to push your site and to help ensure your site will be found.

We help you and care for your Internet projects after the site is done and ready to work for you. Of course we can help you with your existing pages to enhance and promote them and to keep them fresh and interesting with suggestions for changes.

Think about it:

Your Internet Site is your business card and brochure to the world. It represents you and your company.

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