Small businesses or home based businesses often debate and hesitate to decide if their internet presence is useful or not, if expenses are worthwhile, if costs will result in a prospering flow of orders or if social media is sufficient.

Our experience over the past twenty-plus years shows clearly: customers are more and more using the internet via a mobile device to find products and services. You and your business will be identified with the quality of your web page!  Supplement that with a social media site and you will be well on you way to getting your business information out to the public.

Most small business owners we’ve talked to over the years, have no idea where to start or how to market their services or products on the Internet. Team Creations Inc. is able to take the owners concept and accomplish a custom site meeting the owners needs in a short period of time.

We care for our customers by delivering professional services. From the very start of a project we care about you and your business, guide you through all the stages of development, are in reach for any questions and maintain your site. And in case you are not certain what you need or want – our creativity will work out a satisfactory solution for your business, too. A good site is more than to pull up just some text and images.

All our pages are carefully checked and adapted for different resolutions and main browser types, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Some key elements in designing a successful web site:


website design from concept to online

Keep your web site as simple as possible.

Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes.  Content, design and performance are necessary across all devices to ensure usability and satisfaction.

Make the web site load quickly.

Home pages must load quickly. Several Internet studies have shown that Internet surfers will generally wait no more than three to five seconds for a page to load. The least important features viewers look for are “cutting edge” technologies, flashy animations and non-functional eye-candy. Page substance is the primary reason the individual is looking at the web page.

Know your visitors.

Review your site with your visitor’s needs and capabilities in mind. Look at pages viewed, entry and exit pages and those receiving the most viewer interest. Cut the jargon and provide useful and valuable information (i.e. how-to articles, tips and tricks, industry related news, etc.). Keep the information simple. A web site that can be understood by the majority of visitors is best.

Consider local.

Local business is important to most web site owners. For web visitors to find your site, they might be using search terms like: O’Fallon Dental, military boot, web design in O’Fallon, Illinois. Your web site should be optimized for important search terms and demographics.

Update your site often.

Your chance of doing well with search engines increases and repeat visitors will most likely come back to your web site if you update often with information useful to them. Concentrate on keywords and search terms that are relevant to your site audience. Reduce the number of outside links to prevent broken links and viewer frustration. Most often it is best to get permission from an outside source to use their material on your site. Look for those sources that allow use of copyright material without permission.

Make your site easy.

Make your site easy for anyone to understand and use. If you are selling something, remove all obstacles to the sales process to make it easy for customers to want to do business with you (prices and order forms must be easy to find and use). Security is critical for someone looking to make a purchase. Ensure your site uses SSL and has a security certificate that is valid.

Content is critical to a successful site. Individuals tend to worry more about the pretty items on a site and leave the content bare. Our team has vast experience in combining both nice appearance and text.

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