image Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).

Responsive Web Design is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen.

image Why Responsive
“Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, 
and browsers that need to work with your site grows more and more. Individuals are more mobile and use smart phones to do a majority of their internet searches.
Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.”
image Mobile Usage is Increasing
Take a step into the outside world and you'll definitely notice a lot of people on their mobile phones. In fact, it seems that just about everyone is attached at the hip with their smartphone. Just spend a few minutes at your favorite restaurant and you will soon see the number of individuals using mobile devices instead of chatting. For some reason, however, there are many businesses who have not yet picked up on this trend. Did you know:.
  • More than 30 percent of Google searches are now being performed on some sort of mobile device.
  • In 2012 over half of all local searches were done on a mobile device.
  • 25 percent of Internet users only access the internet via a mobile device in the United States.
  • 25.85 percent of all emails are opened on mobile phones, with another 10.16 percent being opened on tablets.
  • In 2014 mobile Internet usage is expected to overtake desktop usage.
  • Out of the 4 billion mobile phones in the world, 1.08 billion are smartphones and 3.05 are SMS enabled.

image Team Creations Inc. and mobile devices
Team Creations continues to move forward in the mobile area. First we converted our sites to sites followed by mobi site conversions and recently we are creating more and more totally responsive sites.